How do I install the grips?

1. Clean handle bar
2. Wet handle bar & grips
3. Apply soap/hairspray to handle bar & inside of grip
4. Slide on & leave to dry

What sizes do you offer and what is the thickness of your grips?

Currently we stock 2 different grip “thickness”

1. MUCH LUV (30mm diameter installed) if you are not into whips and chains this Luv will be enough…
2. MORE LUV (32mm diameter installed) if you like little bit more “meat” on the bones…

What are the grips made of ?

The grips are made out of 100% food grade silicone foam.

Why go with silicone mountain bike grips?

Shock absorption
All weather riding
They look great on your bike
They are affordable! Well at least with us they are..